Friday, March 28, 2008



i think my tagboard has some problem with it, right?
Anybody encounter problems with it?
I can't seem to post my replies. ):
Sooooo, I'll reply here!

Feed-Your-Feet: Lol, it's really cool that you're doing that!
Have seen some other people doing those painting on the shoes,
but most of them aren't as nice as yours!

Janelle: lol, I'm not very sure. =\
I'll nvr rmb how much i spend on everything!
Spend too much everywhere. :x

Passerby: Yeah, i hardly go out with them.
But i do talk to my mum alot thou,
She's like super funny sometimes.
But they're both damn busy working/doing things in church,
so i'm busy, they're busy, so we don't go out!

Bao: Lol, Yeah. Everybody become mummy at such a young age!
But i hate kids man, Monster from hell. Lol.
Ahhhh, go taiwaaaaan, so envy.
I wanna go taiwan too, i think i'll spend all my $$
on the skincare prdts, makeup, clothes and everything loh!

C: I bought it from payeasy website!
But you need an agent to buy from payeasy
cos they don't ship to SG! (:
Yeah, That's why i'm kinda shock when i saw 155NT.

Thrachel: Hey babe, you can watch it here!
Beware, It's highly addictive! Hahahahas.

Baaaaah, I'm so boooooored.
That's why i'm blogging, cos i'm B-O-R-E-D.
I don't even have anything much to blog about!
a bunch of bullocks.

And i hate having my period!
Makes me super moody and crazy. ):

Anyway, I went to meet up 3 photographers yesterday night
for our shoot's discussion and planning at Funan's TCC.
Didn't know why we couldn't do it over the phone thou. -.-

I took a cab and the cab fare totalled up to like 20bucks?
Damn the surcharge.

Puff Puff!

Anyway, after the discussion,
they decided to do a more kawaii theme!
Lol, They were like saying, eh your eyes and lashes,
looks so big and cutesy, so must do cute theme!

That made me very happy can!
Normally all photographers only wanna shoot
like a more sexy, provocative theme.

Then darling came to pick me up from Funan
and we went to Cineleisure for dinner and
caught the 9.55pm movie slot for Be Kind Rewind.

It's okay-okay luh. Not as hilarious as i've expected thou.

Then when we were waiting for our food to come,
My boy suddenly told me sth that made me laugh like crazy.

He said recently alot of people, friends, fans, blog reader
email/friendster msg/text him, saying things like
wahh, recently not bad ah, Spop and blah and blah,
then they all will start to say,
" wahh your gf very pretty ah, You very lucky hor! "

Lol! then my boy was like, how come nobody

email/friendster msg/text me to tell me he's handsome
and that i'm lucky to be with him?

HAHAHAS! Jealous boyf!

Me: Lol, you better cherish me ah, or else i kick you away!
Boyf: Wahh, shouldn't have told you those stuff,
Become yaya alrdy ah!

After the movie, we walked back to the
outdoor carpark beside Cineleisure.
And guess what's all over my boy's poor suzuki swift?



Lots and lots and lots of bird poop! Lol.
At least got like 15 or more bird poop all over the car loh,

Damn gross can.
*Rolls eyes.*
Even near the car door handle also got bird poop!

Hahahahas, And my boy didnt wanna clean
off the bird poop with his window wiper cos it's damn gross,
So we went to a carwash, While they are washing,
we were like, "omg there, there, there still got poop!"



I went out with estheeeeeer today.
Ooooomg, you can't believe how much we camwhored.
Next post will be crazy full load of pictures.
And we did sth really crazy! Hahahahahas.

Got a shoot with Shirley tmr morning,
So i'm gonna have an early night!

Oyasumi Nasai, Loves! (:

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Initially when i received the email fom Nuffnang saying
that i've been picked to write about my usual nightspots
and places i love to hangout with my friend,
be it to chill out, or to dance my night away,
or even, anywhere where i can chillout with
friends to eat and talk rubbish.

I didnt really know what to post! But anyway,
one of the nice nightspot i like is Cafe Del Mar.
Well, except for the techno and trance music,
which gives me a headache!

Shirley and Apple was like waiting at cafe del mar
for us for the whole 2 hours or more.

By the time we reached there,
they were soooo mad at us! Whoops.
Cos as usual, I'm late,
so the both of us was super late.:x
Shirley calls me the Late Queen,
I'm ashamed to say that it's quite true actually. :x

I think the atmosphere there is pretty good,
Bed with comfy cushions on the beach area, Pool side bar.
Too bad the night ended early
cos we're afew months away from our 18th birthday
and we couldn't stay for the foam party! ):

Bah! 4 more months till i can officially paaaaarty!

For make pictures of my outing, please go to

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


i think my tagboard has some problem with it, right?
Anybody encounter problems with it?
I can't seem to post my replies. ):
Sooooo, I'll reply here!

Feed- Your-Feed: Hey! I don't mind. (:
And it's really very nice luh!
How much does it cost to customize one pair of slip ons?
Any rough gauge?

JX: LOL! Finally finally finally back! :D

Felicia: LOL, Brandon act as lead role ah,
he can act as the biggest pussy in the big ass world. -.-

Hello: Hello back! Haahahahas,
Oh it's at the 5th level. (:
I forgot the name, but the express
mani/pedi is very cheap there!

Felicia: Lol, temporary stopped my hand from
itching from last night's MJ session! HAHAHAHS!

Bao: Of cos not lah! She's my frieeeeeend,
She just gave birth to a baby like one mth ago. Hahahahs.
She'll cry if she knows you thought she's my mum!
Yeah luh, Only child mar,
so they tend to be very strict with me. ):

Van: Hey babe, You can watch Gossip Girl on Tudou

Yesterday was like crazy boring and felicia
was at my place and we didn't know who to ask out!
Everyone is in genting! @#$%^&
Even wanna play majong,
wanna find jiao also find until very pek chek.

All thanks to our Double B, ahbai and that pussy brandon.
@#$%^ So angry with brandon can!

Omg, I've never seen a guy so undecisive before.

Bored to tears, So we CAMWHORED!
Yadda Yadda, as usual.

We were like so bored so i curled felicia's hair
slightly for over an hour cos she got a
frigging hell thick bush of hair! Omigosh lah.

So anyway, We cabbed over to YCK to pick up my
stuff i need for a shoot on Friday.
Then we cabbed over to town to pay
for felicia's school fees at MDIS.

While cabbing, Shir's boyf,
Shijie called for i-dunno-what-reason.
And we asked him out to entertain us and
we were so surprised he agreed so readily,
Think he's damn bored lah.

So anyway, After she paid for her fees,
we walked past Dhoby Ghaut MRT and suddenly
somebody shouted "FIDEEEEEEEL!" like super loudly. :x
So paiseh! Hahahahs, Tania, ask me out soon okay!

And we went for dinner at Cineleisure.
Lol, cos once i joked about Shir's boyf and said :
"eh shir, why all your boyf all go prison one?
Break lah break lah! Change boyf!"

then apparently she went to tell her boyf and
he said he'll give me a good impression
when he meet me! LOL!

Then after dinner we gotta go back to hougang
cos Shir's boyf needa meet someone,
and we were walking towards the hereen taxi stand.

And they were like fagging away,
Shijie saw that the 1st cab is a Maxi cab,
then he was like, "OKAY I WANNA TAKE THAT!"
Then there was another uncle walking towards the cab,
Then Shijie run over to the taxi stand because
he don't want the other uncle to take the maxi cab! -.-
Sot one!

So, Continue to camwhore in the maxi cab!
LOL, then Shijie keep turning over and wanna talk to us,
Then we were like posing posing shoot shoot,
then i told him to not disturb us!
He was like, "Argh, after you girls are done then tell me!"

We were waiting for Brandon/Baolai to come
so we could have our MJ session.

I was seriously so pissed with that pussy brandon
he almost chased away my MJ mood! @#$%^&

See this aaaaaauntie! Lol.

Was suppose to sleepover at Felicia's hse,
So i borrow a tee from her.
We're wearing the same SJC tee. LOL!
On the phone with mummy~

I lost 7bucks. But it's okay,
Cos i need to do things like that to keep myself occupied,
or else i'm really too bored man,
Esp when i've finish watching Gossip Girls,
I've nothing more to waaaaaatch! Boooooring.

So we had supper, and they were like telling me
these two sick freaks from SJC, One killed a LUOHAN fish
by scalding it with boiling water.
Another squeezed a hamster to death. Sick bitches.
Like what the fuck. I think i'll strangle that person
if she did that infront of me.

And brandon walked me home &
very surprising even sent me up the lift.
I think he banged his head or sth.
Or did i throw some majong tiles at his head to
cause him to suddenly become such a gentleman?

Oh yah and he's damn frigging irritating,
He keep touching my tiles to see my cards
i have when i'm unaware loh!

Bought some shimmery eyeshadow/liner from Payeasy Spree.
Love payeasy sprees man,

Bought the NRWZD Magazine at only 155NT too.
That's like arnd 8 bucks only.
I think it's selling at arnd 20 bucks in singapore right?

And i bought this pretty pair of heels from Gojane today.
The pink on is like so so so cute,
but i think this is much more practical.
Easier to match yeah.

Okay, gotta go meet some photographers tonight at TCC.

Sayonara, Loves!


Tuesday, March 25, 2008


So frigging boooored, Felicia is like at my house now,
And we spent the past two hours talking crap
and perming her hair with my curler.
Then we were like asking baolai & brandon
to come out for majong or dinner and slack and

they're such PUSSIES!

Damn gay lah, guys ah, cannot chop chop one.
Ommmmmg. Dunno who to ask out. ):
We're like all dolled up, but dunno who to ask oooout.


Life without SHIRLEY GOH,
that crazy bitch, is plain booooooring!

Shirley Goh:
Felicia & I would love to say that WE MISS YOU ALOT! )':

Sayonara, Loves!

Monday, March 24, 2008


i think my tagboard has some problem with it, right?
Anybody encounter problems with it?
I can't seem to post my replies. ):
Sooooo, I'll reply here!

Anon2: Lasts super long! One bottle last me
more or less one year alrdy,
still haven't got to finish using half a bottle. (:
Liang Court is beside The Cannery, Mos area?

Jessica: Hey babe, Liang court is beside The Cannery.

SY: LOL, Yeah. 3 nights of bad sleep.
The chalet is like so @#$% small!

Astro: Hello effing pervert. Shut your mouth please.

Gwen: The big big seeeeerving curry rice!

Daphy: Yeah babe, after next week,
got afew paid assignments got $$,
And let's go shopping!

Nicole: Alright babe, will do! :D

Stefy: Hey babe, It's That's When I Love You - Aslyn.

Another Ad up after my Sony Ad is over!
Left scroller nuffnang ad,
Help me clicky pretty pu-leeeeease. (:

After 3 nights of bad sleep, I'm finaaaaally back!

The East Coast Costa Sands chalet sucks, i tell y'all!
SUCKS! Small like shit loh. -.-

For our church youth camp,
it's always held at either Loyang Aloha or
at some Golf Clubs in Malaysia.
But this year cos there isn't anymore chalets
available we had to stay at costa sands. -.-

Sleep until like SARDINE LIDAT!
Snatching blankies, junk food,
Baked banana dipped in sinful nutella, Herseys, Pokers,
Camwhore, BBQ-ed food in bed. Madness.

LOL, Will upload the pictures when vicson sends them to me.

And i'm so tired, but i'm such a good friend
i went to meet Shirley and Felicia @
Hougang Mall's Mac after i just reach home okay!
Because Shirley is leaving for Genting tmr. ):

Boo Boo Boo~
I wanna go too, But my mummy surely
wouldn't allow me to go with them. ):
So eeeeeeenvy can. Shirley, Apple, YQ all going leh!

Shirley said she's gonna buy alot of candies back for meeeee!
Heehehehehe. YAY!

Okay, Pictures Pictures:
(Only wore some eyeliner and blusher, So i look eeeeeew!)


The shampoo that Shirley recommended.

The super unglam mama.

Mama gone wilddddddd! 0.o

I think i'll die earlier than anyone else okay.
Like seriously seriously.
Today we sat in a table, Me, Felicia,
shirley, Shir's BF, and 4 other guys.

7 of them happily fagging away,
and i'm xiam-ing away from all the smoke!

I was like " DON'T BLOW AT ME!

Mean little shit!

I need majong.
Majong Majong Majong!

Oyasumi Nasai, Loves! (:

I'm gonna continue watching Gossip Girls for now,
Meeting gwennie tomorroooooow!

Friday, March 21, 2008

i think my tagboard has some problem with it, right?
Anybody encounter problems with it?
I can't seem to post my replies. ):
Sooooo, I'll reply here!

Hi: Hey babe, Wax do help! i'm using the one in the green tub.

I use to use the purple tub too thou,
That one shd be better for long hair.
Cos the hold is much firmer than the green tub.
Hahahas, Yah, Cos just go there as model.
Not a main role or anything. (:

Sherica: LOL! If i've more oppotunities lah!

Anon3: Exercise! Hahahahs,
And i always eat alot of boiled brocolli
when my mouth is itching for snacks.

But now i just keep eating and eating. =\

Anon2: -.-

Anon1: Hahahs, Np babe.
Benetint has a pretty strong rose scent,
Which i totally don't mind! Heheh.

Mystery: Hurhur, you think even if you're
really a photographer, I'll dare to let you
shoot me meh? Hahahahs.

Sherica: LOL! Thanks dear.

Princedumdum: Blah blah, uncle.

Felicia: Great aunt and a super good friend / Majong khaki!
Hahahahas. Anyway, when you wanna go mdis make payment!
I go with yoooooou~

Lynn: Defu Lane 12 hehe, Thanks babe! :D

Sooooo tired, Had supper @ bf's house,
Came home, played with my peanut, nutella,

butter, meeko, mimao! Hahahas, all my guinea pigs!

Finally done packing my clothes / skincare
and everything into my weekend bag.
Will be away for 2 days! (:

So sad that JX won't be going. )':

Yesterday night we went to Liang Court for yummy Japanese Cuisine!
Yummy Yummy Yummy!

I went there last week with pretty Daphy too:

SEEEEEEEE! The serving is super super super big!
Normally i eat alot, but i couldn't even finish mine!

And we went to the Meiya-Da Japanese Supermarket.
Bought some snacks for my boyf and some for myself!
And i bought the big-ass fuji apple @ S$7.50
and darling nag nag nag at me!

But it looks so yummmmmy, Don't you guys agree? :D
I wanted to buy the even bigger one,
Also as big as my face.

Hahahahas, But i think boyf will kill me.

S$7.50 Fuji Apple which i bought and got nagged to death for!

Oyasumi Nasai, Loves! (:
I just finish watching 2 episodes of
Gossip Girl online. Addictive!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008



i think my tagboard has some problem with it, right?
Anybody encounter problems with it?
I can't seem to post my replies. ):
Sooooo, I'll reply here!

Mystery: Are you a photographer? =\

Anon2: Hahahas, 48kg.


Princedumdum: Uncle, Don't know what are
you talking about!

Felicia: I change afew weeks already hor! LOL!

Hi: Hello there, i used the gatsby moving rubber,
The one in the green tub. And Loreal's hairspray. (:
I love it puffy too! Hehehe.

Amy: Hey babe, yeah i'm still selling it,
but not on AA's Tank top thou,
If you don't mind me doing it on a Cotton On tank. (:

Bao: Yah same! Hahahahas,
majong session = bitching session.
So it'll always be fun playing in real life,
And there's the thrill of winning/losing your cash too! LOL!





I'm just back from the Money not Enough 2 filming.
From 7.30pm shoot shoot shoot until 1.30am.
And poor felicia who accompanied me waited
for me for so so so so so long!
I think if it's some other person who accompanied me,
confirm will KPBP me. @#$%

And we both haven't eaten dinner,
So we were so so so hungry! @#$%^&*(

Lol, My role is a sexy car sales person. -.-
Mark Lee and Hui Ge is damm funny lah,
Even they NG also very funny. :x
But they keep NG-ing = i have to keep introducing
the car to my "customers"!

And Mark lee teased me about my voice,
Sounding so small girl and teh. :x
LOL! @#$%^&*

And we met this other model who acted as a
car sales person too. She's damn interesting! So cool loh,
She was like so tall and she's a runway moooooodel.
I wished i was that tall man!

But the MUA, and the girl who helped me with my wardrobe.
They're all damn nice and friendly! Heh.

But seriously, i still prefer modelling as compared to acting.
Acting is like plain tiring! But modelling is like fun
if you're shooting with the right person.

And i'm damn pissed with the cab drivers today loh!
@#$%^& !@#$% !@#$% @#$% @#$%^ !!!
Siao one, Cos the car show room, the shoot site is at defu lane.
But we couldn't find the place and he had to turn afew
rounds to find the place. Then i ask him to try and
turn one more round and find, he KP KP KP me!
Super duper attitude i tell you, Even felicia also pek chek!

WTH. As if the meter is not jumping and i'm not paying him!

Then the 2nd cab driver when we're going back,
I called and cab and the cab uncle couldn't find the way over.
Then i was like, "Airport Road, Airport Road there"
Dunno say how many thousand times
he still don't understand then he still
"wahh i can't find lah, turn so many round cannot find yadda yadda"

Damn bad mood and attitude loh.
Somemore he's like an indian, then i like huh huh huh?
Don't even know what he's saying
then he there scold scold scold scold.

He cannot find me then he want me to go find him ah!
@#$%^ @#$% @#$%^& @#$%^& @#$%^!!!

The shoot site.

My "Customer" in the movie. Hahahahas.

Oyasumi Nasai, Darlings! (:
Meeting a couple of photographers for dinner
for shoot discussion tmr night!